Sunday, June 16th

6:00 (2:00) Evening reception

Monday, June 17th

9:00 Welcome and introduction (0:15)

9:15 Detection 1 (1:00) Session Chair: Thea Kozakis

Songhu Wang – HD202772A b: the first confirmation of a hot Jupiter discovered by TESS

Alan Reyes – A Super-Jupiter Outside a Compact, High-Multiplicity Kepler System with an Unprecedented Architecture

Arita Chakrabarty – Follow up observation of some hot Jupiters using astronomical facilities of India: update on their parameters

Christian Gilbertson – Towards extreme precision radial velocities Distinguishing planets from stellar variability with Machine Learning

10:15 Poster Pops 1 (0:15)

Melinda Soares-Furtado, David Tersegn, Ishan Mishra, Fergus Horrobin

10:30 Coffee Break (0:30)

11:00 Habitability (0:45) Session Chair: Alex Dimoff

Thea Kozakis – Dying to Live: Post-Main Sequence Habitability

Jack Madden – Effect of surface type for Earth-like planets orbiting FGKM stars

Chuanfei Dong – How Flares regulate Atmospheric Losses from the TRAPPIST-1 planets

11:45 Poster Pops 2 (0:15)

Michael Palumbo, Dana Louie, Jegug Ih, Joel Ong, Duan Li

12:00 Lunch (1:15)

1:15 Formation and Evolution 1 (0:45) Session Chair: Jake Turner

Matthias Yang He – Forward Modeling the Kepler Exoplanet Population to Inform System Architectures

Chris Spalding – The primordial Solar wind as a sculptor of terrestrial planet formation

Arthur Adams – Antipodal Anticorrelations

2:00 Poster Session & Coffee (2:00)

4:00 Stars (1:00) Session Chair: Sarah Millholland

Taylor Kutra – Super-Earth Size and Occurrence as a Function of Stellar Mass or Metallicity

Tyler Gordon – A fast, two-dimensional Gaussian process method for modeling stellar variability

Tyler Richey-Yowell – Auroral Emission from L Dwarfs

Emily Gilbert – M Dwarf Flares Through Time

5:00 Adjourn for dinner

Tuesday, June 18th

9:00 Atmospheres (1:15) Session Chair: Jack Madden

Sarah Moran – Exoplanet Hazes in the Lab and Atmospheric Models

Lile Wang – Dusty Outflows in Planetary Atmospheres: Understanding “Super-puffs” and Transmission Spectra of Sub-Neptunes

Emily Deibert – High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Exoplanet Atmospheres

Miranda Herman – Search for TiO in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b

Adiv Paradise – Blue Skies: The Role of pN2 in the Habitable Zone

10:15 Coffee Break (0:30)

10:45 Dynamics 1 (1:15) Session Chair: Jonathan Jackson

Darryl Seligman – On the Anomalous Acceleration of 1I/2017 U1 `Oumuamua

Sarah Millholland – Tidally-Induced Radius Inflation of Sub-Neptunes

Garett Brown – Quantifying the Long-term Effects of Stellar Fly-bys on Planetary Systems

Nora Bailey – Stellar Flybys Interrupting Planet-Planet Scattering Generates Oort Planets

Mariah MacDonald – Disentangling the In-Situ Formation Conditions in Establishing the ”Dichotomy” in Super-Earth Orbital Architectures

12:00 Lunch (1:15)

1:15 Panel Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy (1:00)

Question form: (

Jonathan Lunine

Patricia Fernandez de Castro Martinez

Sara Xayarath Hernández

Jenny Wurster

2:15 Coffee Break (0:30)

2:45 Detection 2 (1:00) Session Chair: Andrew Ridden-Harper

Ryan Petersburg – Novel Methods in the EXPRES Data Pipeline

Arvind Gupta – The NEID Earth Twin Survey: Target Selection and Survey Strategy

Malena Rice – The Case for a Large-Scale Occultation Network

Alex Teachey – The Search for Exomoons with Surveys and Targeted Observations

3:45 Short Break (0:15)

4:00 Dynamics 2 (1:00)Session Chair: Ishan Mishra

Alysa Obertas – Dynamical sculpting of compact multi-planet systems

Jonathan Jackson – Analysis of Perturber-driven High-eccentricity Tidal Migration for Warm Jupiters in the Context of Known Observables

DJ Dong – Probing Young Planetary Systems from Their Debris Disks: Are We Messed by Unseen Planets?

Michael Pu – Low-Eccentricity Migration of Ultra-Short Period Planets in Multi-Planet Systems

5:00 Concluding remarks

Wednesday, June 19th

9:00 (1:15) Getting Started (

How GitHub works

Starting a test project

10:15 (0:30) Break

10:45 (1:15) Detailed look

Code accessibility and documentation

GitHub Pages

Other resources and discussion

12:00 End for lunch